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Our Approach

Our Approach

At Mietzner Solutions, I create a friendly comfortable atmosphere.  I assess my clients'  level of knowledge with personal finance and cater the coaching to them.   There is no room for "cookie cutter" coaching in this area.  Every individual or family is unique and so is their situation. There is no shame allowed!  Whether you are trying to dig out of debt, prepare for emergencies or just feel comfortable knowing where your money is going, I can help!

Our Story

I have always been a money conscious individual.  "Things" didn't excite me as much as money in my account did.  I realized life happens to you whether you are ready or not! When the unexpected happened to me and I had to rely on borrowing to get me through, it caused anxiety.  I realized adult "bumps in the road" can be costly. Being prepared for the unexpected gives you a sense of empowerment and confidence (also helps you sleep at night!)

I decided helping friends and family with personal finances was more than a hobby, it is a passion.  I attended and completed Ramsey Solutions Financial Coach Master Training and am now a Ramsey Preferred Coach.  Educating my clients on their options and guiding them to financial freedom is truly rewarding.

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Coleen Mietzner


Hi! My name is Coleen.  I am a self-proclaimed "number nerd".  So much, that the word BUDGET showed up 6 times in mine and my husband’s wedding vows!  I thrive on helping individuals/couples find financial freedom. I strive to inject hope in my clients.  There is rarely a situation that I can’t see a way out with some intention and diligence.  My goal, as your coach, is to inspire you to WANT to take control of your money. It’s not always easy, but it is always worth it!  Having a budget and telling your money how to work for you is empowering.  You are the boss.  You are in control.

I teach my clients to create a livable realistic budget, save for emergencies and future, reduce debt, and spend cash intentionally.

What are your goals?  Saving for college or emergency fund?  Eliminating debt?   Saving for a house?  Call me, let’s plan this together.